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Accreditation deadline for Monza Rally Show : 5th December at 11.p.m.


Please follow carefully the instructions.
The media pass must be used only by journalists and photographers. The accreditation requests will be evaluated only if they are sent within the indicated deadline and if they provide all the required information as stated below. The registration to Monza Rally Show accreditation can only be online by the following link PASSMONZA.


Newspapers and magazines have to be available by retail (commercial and business magazines will not be accredited). Advertising, public relation agencies and companies will not be accredited as media any case. Media passes may also be issued to medias that only occasionally publish rally articles at the condition that this is exclusively aimed at promoting the event.
The accreditation of online newspapers is given only in the case they are officially registered, or they have a sufficient web traffic to ensure high visibility to the event, supplying information about the number of views.
Taking into consideration the peculiar characteristics of this competition, any approval of the accreditation requests will be at the sole discretion of the Press Office and of the Race Direction to comply with and to observe the safety measures related to the event.


Freelance journalists must prove to have regularly written motorsports articles. On the occasion of Monza Rally Show journalists will not have tabards..

Photographers must prove to have already published rally photographs on official registered newspapers or online.

Cameramen will have access to the paddock. Updating on shooting rights and on pitlane and track access will follow shortly.

To activate one’s profile it ios necessary to nsert at least 5 photos, articles, videos or the relative links..

please note that:

  • - Any approval of the accreditation request will be at the sole discretion of the Press Office and of the Race Direction to comply with and to observe the safety measures related to the event;
  • - The approval of the request doesn’t grant the possibility of receiving a tabard (available in a limited number)
  • - Photos and video are not for commercial use.

The various possible events related to Monza Rally Show, which will take place outside Autodromo Nazionale Monza, will be regulated separately.


Applying for accreditations, you declare you are aware of the dangers that motorsports and following its events entails. You also state you have the experience and the professional training to be able to follow the event safely, and that you will use caution to avoid all physical harm and material damage; you are aware of local, national and international regulations regarding the execution of your profession in the context of motorsports events and you commit to respect instructions and safety provisions in the event, as given by marshals and circuit staff.

You also state you have viewed and understood the content of the Media Safety video published at the beginning of this page and you declare you will not use the Monza Rally Show trademark under no circumstances on your photos/videos. If you don’t comply with these regulations, the Press Office has the right to withdraw a mdia pass, even during the event.

Media passes have been issued to the named pass holder and is not transferable.
Sending the accreditation forms doesn’t correspond to their official acceptance.